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This post isn't intended to brag, or to seem like I want pity. I just have to share some selfless acts by someone close to me.. my mother.

She has always been a very giving person. Even if she's in the middle of doing something, she will drop it at the drop of a hat to help someone.

She volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. If you don't know it, its a non-profit organization to help families get houses. She started off "swinging a hammer", but quickly moved up the "ranks", and now is on the selection committee (to select families) and the "board of directors". (her brother started off the same way, and is now the president)

Anyhoo, she has been helping finish up a house for a family. Its a family of about 7, been working 10-12 hours a day, (with teenagers, ahh! jk) in the freezing arse cold, giving when she doesn't have much to give. We have been struggling financially for months, but she has been using whatever money she has to pay for food for everyone working at the house, and giving rides everywhere around the city to the families children.

She doesnt get much in return, not sure if she ever hears 'thank you', but she does it anyway.

So the moral of the story is, even if you don't think you have anything worth giving, there is always something.

Thee end. :D
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