tygerz (40sw) wrote in selfless_acts,

MDA Lock Up (tax deductible charitable contribution good cause)

"I'm going behind bars for good!
A warrant has been issued for my arrest! As one of the area's "Most Wanted," I'm going to be "Locked Up" to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
With your help they may even let me out on good behavior! Contribute to my bail by donating to the MDA via check or credit card. Stop by, call or e-mail me your offer to help."

That's the official party-line, here's the deal: I get ("arrested" & taken from work) drug out to a mock up of a jail cell, locked up for charity, I'm supposed to make bail in advance, then they let me out again after about an hour and I get dumped back at work.

I'm supposed to raise $2400
I have until 10/20

Here's where you come in. It really is a good cause, though a goofy fundraiser.
I now have a webpage set up so that you can donate/pledge to donate online quickly, easily, painlessly.
Check it out!


Please help me make bail and do something good for a good cause.
Also, keep in mind, all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! And it's getting to be close to that time of year...

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